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Therapists and Organisations

Workshops and supervision for therapists and workplace leaders who want to develop their understanding of eating disorders and build confidence in opening up conversations about mental health

Mental health and eating disorders are complex and serious issues that can affect anyone.

I offer workshops and workplace training programs designed to help professionals and leaders in the workplace better understand and support individuals struggling with eating disorders and / or their mental health. 

I also provide personalised support and external supervision for therapists working with eating disorders.

Mental Health & Eating Disorder Workshops

I provide mental health and Eating Disorder training tailored to organisational and participant needs. 

The training is done face-to-face or online. In the training you will learn about common mental illnesses and some basic skills and strategies to use when concerned for someone’s mental health.

The training will equip you with knowledge of when to refer someone to ongoing mental health counselling and how to manage a situation when you are worried about someone’s risk of self-harm or suicide.

External Supervision

External supervision available to art therapists and social workers. I am trained in Clinical Supervision and take a relational approach to provide a safe space to reflect on practice and self-care needs. 

I specialise in supervision for clinicians working in eating disorders and general mental health contexts. 

Supervision provides a safe space to reflect on practice, explore strengths and areas for development and consider own self-care needs.

My aim is to empower therapists with creative tools to support their clients in achieving lasting positive change in their mental health.

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tools for therapists


I am the Lead Author of the “Eating Disorders and Other Shadowy Companions” card deck, designed to help open up and facilitate respectful and productive conversations about eating disorders and other mental illness. 

The cards value lived experience and give space for clients to express what it like to live with an eating disorder and/or other mental illness. By validating and acknowledging these experiences, we bridge the gap of isolation and open up opportunities to explore the function of their illness and set goals for recovery.

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