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I offer workshops to help therapists, educators and health professionals better understand and support individuals struggling with eating disorders.

Develop skills and confidence in supporting individuals who struggle with an eating disorder and/or their mental health

The following public workshops will be delivered online. I also offer targeted, in-house workshops for schools and organisations to address the unique challenges and complexities surrounding eating disorders and mental health in the workplace and in schools.

workshop #1

Introduction to Eating Disorders

A workshop for therapists, educators and mental health professionals who want to develop skills and confidence in supporting someone with an eating disorder.

workshop #2

Creative Tools for Working with Eating Disorders

A workshop for medical and mental health professionals  working with eating disorders and wanting to enhance their practice by using creative tools and strategies.

Gain valuable insights, practical tools, and the confidence to support others. Together, we can create a compassionate and inclusive society where mental well-being thrives.

Danni Mcdougall
tools for therapists


I am the Lead Author of the “Eating Disorders and Other Shadowy Companions” card deck, designed to help open up and facilitate respectful and productive conversations about eating disorders and other mental illness. 

The cards value lived experience and give space for clients to express what it like to live with an eating disorder and/or other mental illness. By validating and acknowledging these experiences, we bridge the gap of isolation and open up opportunities to explore the function of their illness and set goals for recovery.

$ 59.95