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Creative Tools for Working with Eating Disorders

Join us in learning how to use creativity to open up and facilitate conversations with people experiencing an eating disorder

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Creative Tools for Working with Eating Disorders

15 November 2023
09.30 am - 1 pm
Delivered online via Zoom


Who is it for?

A workshop for therapists, medical health professionals and social workers supporting patients / clients with eating disorders and wanting to enhance their practice with creative tools and strategies. 

In Eating Disorder Therapy, do you ...

About the Workshop

This workshop is for therapists working with eating disorders and wanting to enhance their practice by using creative tools.

In this workshop we will discuss some creative tools that you can use with clients to support them to open up about their experience, their challenges and hopes.

The tools will help you feel confident to sit with and hear your clients’ pain and give them space to express this without pressure to move into strategies.

You will have the opportunity to participate in some creative activities and reflect on how you can use these with clients. 

You will also have the opportunity to connect with peers and support each other in the work you do.

Learning Outcomes

In this workshop, you will ...

You will receive:

Why this workshop?

I believe that with ...

Creative tools

you can open up conversation with ambivalent and resistant clients and can provide more information than words alone

The "eating disorders and other shadowy companions" card deck

support families to have difficult conversations and create greater understanding of the illness and family support for clients

Practical opportunities

you can learn how to use creativity in your work to allow for an additional way to connect with clients, and hear their pain and experience

A supportive space

to discuss challenges in working with eating disorders, you can let go of some of the stress and intensity of this work

An opportunity to connect with others working in the field

you can develop new insights, learn new strategies, and reduce the risk of burnout

Meet the Facilitator

Hello, I am Danni, I am a mental health social worker, art therapist and have done specialised training in eating disorders. 

I have lived experience of an eating disorder and bring my lived experience, as well as my professional training and skills, to provide high quality education on eating disorders.

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