Danni McDougall
Danni McDougall

Connect to Heal

If you, or someone you love, needs support with their mental health, or an eating disorder, then please get in touch. 

Mental Health & Eating Disorder Therapy & Support

I believe you deserve holistic support where you can explore the function of your illness and set goals to help improve your health and quality of life.

I work with ...

Adults, Children & Families

Mental health and eating disorder therapy for adults, youth and children.

Therapists & Organisations

External supervision and workshops for therapists and organisations.

Schools & Wellbeing Teams

Workshops for school leaders, teachers, and wellbeing teams.

I am passionate about contributing to a culture where all bodies are valued and respected.

danni mcdougall
danni mcdougall

Hi, I'm Danni

I am an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Art Therapist. I’m also an accredited Pet Therapist, and Beanz and I work together to offer an additional another layer of support for clients who struggle to open up and participate in therapy. 

I specialise in working with eating disorders, anxiety, depression and PTSD, and have a deep understanding of the complexity and challenges associated with these illnesses.

As someone who has lived experience of an eating disorder and recovery with the support of others, I bring a unique perspective to the treatment of patients that enhances my practice and connection with clients.

I have experience in working with children, youth, and adults, and adapt my approach and intervention based upon the patient’s developmental stage.

I believe that creative tools like cards and art-based activities can open up more conversation and exploration than words alone.

danni mcdougall
Therapy tool


I am the Lead Author of the “Eating Disorders and Other Shadowy Companions” card deck, designed to help open up and facilitate respectful and productive conversations about eating disorders and other mental illness. 

The cards value lived experience and give space for clients to express what it like to live with an eating disorder and/or other mental illness. By validating and acknowledging these experiences, we bridge the gap of isolation and open up opportunities to explore the function of their illness and set goals for recovery.

When I looked at the cards I was able to understand so much more about my sister's eating disorder and what it felt like for her. I was able to get some understanding of why living with it, and recovering, were so challenging.

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